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Akamai has the industry's largest bandwidth and coverage.
Akamai is the world‘s most distributed cloud computing, security and content delivery platform.

Recognized leadership brands of excellence

IDC named Akamai a CDN leader

Recognized in IDC MarketScape's 2022 Global Business Content Delivery Network Service Vendor Assessment.


Gartner recognized Akamai as a WAAP leader

2022 Akamai was named a WAAP Quadrant Leader by Gartner for the sixth year in a row.


Akamai is an important distributor and technical support partner in Asia

With more than nine years of service experience, Akamai serves many well-known industries, such as finance, games, media, e-commerce, manufacturing, government, catering, etc;establishing the first line of defense for enterprises‘ external network services, and assisting enterprises to deploy Intranet application security management to accelerate enterprise digital transformation.


Global CDN Acceleration

Enjoy an unparalleled speed experience


Download Delivery (DD)

Mass delivery of static content with reliable performance worldwide.


Dynamic Site Accelerator (DSA)

Dynamic acceleration of enterprise application content to provide user access performance optimization.


Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD)

Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD) provides multiple authentication and encryption mechanisms for media to securely and stably deliver instant, highly concurrent traffic needs.



Intelligent automation and control, providing acceleration services for dynamic corporate websites, mobile applications, and app applications.

Application Security Protection

Establishing a robust defense through multiple filtering mechanisms

APP & API Protector (AAP)

provides one-stop, zero- compromise security for websites, apps, and apis.

Edge DNS

Edge DNS relies on highly secure DNS for uninterrupted availability of Web applications and apis.


Neosec uses powerful databases and AI computational analytics to automatically detect abnormal API behavior and protect organizations from commercial abuse and data theft.

2022 Forrester rates Akamai WAF Leader


Anti-DDoS Protection

Rapid response mechanism to defend against large-scale attacks


Prolexic Routed - GRE

Clean traffic passes through the GRE Tunnel to the origin (source/server/environment, etc.) via GRE Tunnel.

Prolexic Routed - Connect

provides a direct VLAN connection service through a partner to return cleaned traffic to the source server.

Prolexic Routed IP Protect

provides a traffic proxy to send clean traffic back to the source station for customers who do not have the full IPv4/24

Zero Trust Security

One platform, comprehensive coverage, deep visibility, fine control

2022 Forrester named Akamai a leader in Microsegmentation


Akamai Guardicore Segmentation

concept prevents malware from spreading horizontally and enhances Intranet connectivity compliance.

Enterprise Application Access (EAA)

zero-trust remote connection provides secure and fast access to Intranet applications with a new remote access mode.

Secure Internet Access (SIA)

improves the security of enterprise devices and Internet access, proactively defending against malicious programs and phishing websites.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

FIDO2's most secure multi-factor authentication for all smartphones, enabling secure login without a password, and protecting against phishing and improving data confidentiality.

Akamai Cloud Computing Services (Linode)


Professional integration,
assisting in enterprise digital transformation.

Providing you with a tailor-made and personalized solution.