“Zero trust”The new hybrid office security challenge solution

Akamai Zero Trust Solution
  • Enhanced authentication and application permission management
  • Ensure the security of the remote network
  • Ensure the safety of the edge device
  • Prevents malicious programs from spreading horizontally

Cloudflare One  The Zero Trust Architecture with the SASE Concept

Simultaneously Managing Networking and Zero Trust Security

Cloudflare Magic WAN Enterprise VPN Solution

  • Quickly connect China with global locations without any construction waiting time.
  • Cloud SaaS and self-hosted applications can both be connected for protection.
  • Flexible bandwidth usage for effective cost management.
  • The network integrates with zero-trust synchronous management, significantly reducing management complexity.
Omni Omni

Committed to being your global network service and cybersecurity guardian.

We provide various operational support options.
Enabling direct contact with on-call technical personnel.

Omni team provides:

Local technical team providing 24/7 service.

Offering frontline technical support to assist in issue detection and resolution.