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The exclusive Authorized Service Delivery Partner

We are extremely honored to be part of the "Authorized Service Delivery Partner (ASDP) Program," which acknowledges Omni's expertise in zero-trust solutions and reflects our commitment to following industry best practices. Participation in this program recognizes Omni's dedication to technical service excellence and provides us with the necessary resources and support to succeed in serving customers across various industries. Now, we are working even more closely with the Cloudflare team to deliver innovative information security solutions and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Vincent Lee , Executive Director of Omni Intelligent Services, Inc. 



Cloudflare originated in 2009 and now holds approximately 25% of global internet traffic, with industry-leading global network speed and exceptional protection capabilities

300+ cities in 100+ countries
12,500+ networks directly connect to Cloudflare, including every major ISP, cloud provider, and enterprise
209 Tbps of Internet connectivity and growing
100% Uptime SLA
>50 ms of world’s Internet users within 50ms of our network

Unique advantages

Outstanding leadership position

Cloudflare Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: WAF Cloudflare Named a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for WAAP Cloudflare named Leader in 2022 GigaOm Radar Report for DDoS Protection

The exclusive MVP of the Year 2022
Omni Intelligent Services, Inc. has been partnering with Cloudflare since 2018, moving from services such as CDN and WAF to the latest zero-trust security services to establish a secure remote working environment. In 2022, we were honored with the Cloudflare APJC Region "Annual Most Valuable Enterprise MVP" award to recognize outstanding achievements as a partner. This not only provided top-notch services to joint customers of Cloudflare and Omni Intelligent Services, Inc. but also created new business value by harnessing the power of the network, relationships, and ecosystem.

The exclusive Technical Excellence Award in Taiwan
In 2022, Omni Intelligent Services, Inc. was not only honored with the Cloudflare APJC Region "Annual MVP" award but also received the "Technical Excellence Award." , Omni Intelligent Services, Inc. is the sole partner in the APJC region to achieve this dual recognition, which reinforces our commitment to security and underscores Cloudflare's high regard for our technical expertise. This recognition is particularly notable for our rich knowledge and professional competence in leading customers through Cloudflare pre-sales and Proof of Concept experiences.

Multiple professional technical certifications

ASP: Certified Sales Expert

This certification is conducted by all relevant personnel within our organization, enabling them to understand and identify opportunities with Cloudflare from the customer's perspective.

ACE : Certified Configuration Engineer.

This certification covers hosting and implementing core services of Cloudflare, optimizing your security and performance services, and troubleshooting core services.

ASE : Certified Sales Engineer.

This certification covers Cloudflare's technical architecture, product portfolio, security, and performance services, guiding individuals through the completion of the Cloudflare dashboard.

ASA : Certified Service Architect.

This certification delves into core security services and supplementary products, such as Bot Management and Firewall Rules, as well as core performance services, including advanced caching mechanisms and cache tuning.


Web and Application Protection

Using machine learning mechanisms, it offers precise definition,
performance, and real-time optimization detection mechanisms

Enhanced WAF Layered Protection and Security

  • Real-time Network Security Analysis
  • OWASP Core Ruleset & Managed Rule Set
  • Custom Rules
  • Machine Learning Algorithm
  • Sensitive Data Detection
  • Exposed Credential Checks
  • Advanced Rate Limiting
  • Uploaded Content Scanning

A simplified single platform

Cloudflare One, One platform that highly integrates Zero Trust and security modules,
simplifying management complexity.


Cloudflare Magic WAN

Simplifying Enterprise VPN Service

  • Going beyond traditional VPN solutions, significantly simplifying enterprise
    WAN architecture, and flexible bandwidth utilization.
  • Reduces management costs and complexity.
  • Deploy zero-trust management on same platform ,
    such as secure web gateways, CASB, ZTNA, DLP, RBI, etc.
  • Extend VPN service in China.

The first line of defense against email attacks


1 Provide automated email protection management to protect your organization.

  • Proactively block phishing attacks.
  • Prevent business email compromise (BEC) attacks.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Gmail and O365, with a quick 30-minute setup

Powerful DDoS protection service

Over 209 Tbps of network capacity   Most malicious traffic is blocked
in less than 3 seconds

Key Feature
  • Sub-second threat detection
  • Native integration with L7 services (CDN, WAF, Bot Management, etc.)
  • Support for all IP services (TCP, UDP, IPSec, VoIP, custom protocols)
  • Integrate via BGP routing and GRE encapsulation
  • Always-on and on-demand options
  • Advanced analytics

Professional integration,
assisting in enterprise digital transformation.

Providing you with a tailor-made and personalized solution.