We are extremely honored to be part of the "Authorized Service Delivery Partner (ASDP) Program," which acknowledges Omni's expertise in zero-trust solutions and reflects our commitment to following industry best practices. Participation in this program recognizes Omni's dedication to technical service excellence and provides us with the necessary resources and support to succeed in serving customers across various industries. Now, we are working even more closely with the Cloudflare team to deliver innovative information security solutions and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Vincent Lee , Executive Director of Omni Intelligent Services, Inc.



As the first ASDP partner in Taiwan, Omni plays a critical role in promoting Cloudflare's excellent services, showcasing outstanding professional service delivery quality in the field of network information security. Omni leverages Cloudflare's global leading technology and extensive resources to provide customers with the best security solutions, assisting them in addressing increasingly complex network security challenges and ensuring the integrity and reliability of their digital assets. Through close collaboration, understanding customers' unique needs and goals, Omni offers a range of security consulting services, professional technical cooperation, and security analysis assessment reports as part of the initial service planning.


Omni will provide customers with a range of Cloudflare products and services, including but not limited to

  •  Website and Application Performance OptimizationReduce latency through CDN, enhance website loading speed, and improve user experience
  • ProtectionProtect websites and applications from DDoS attacks to ensure uninterrupted business operations.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)Protect applications against various hacker attacks, such as SQL injection, malicious web crawlers, cross-site scripting attacks, and more.
  • DNS ProtectionSecure enterprise Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure, providing fast, reliable, and highly secure DNS services.
  • Network Security and PerformanceOffer WAN as a service, firewall as a service, DDoS protection, SD-WAN, and assist in connecting global and Chinese locations for businesses, providing flexible bandwidth usage and eliminating the cost and complexity of managing traditional networks.
  • Zero Trust SecurityImplement a zero-trust approach, allowing only authenticated and authorized users to access both internal and external enterprise applications.


The Omni professional team holds multiple Cloudflare certifications and is fully prepared to assist enterprises in the APJC region by providing the necessary security protection and technical service support. They will ensure a seamless integration of Cloudflare solutions into existing environments, offering comprehensive security consulting services and professional technical support to customers.


In the future, Omni and Cloudflare will continue to dedicate themselves to enhancing enterprise network security and the global acceleration field. They will relentlessly improve their technical capabilities to provide customers with top-notch service quality, reaffirming their commitment to delivering the best services and solutions.


About Omni Intelligent Services:

Omni is a company specializing in providing network security and information protection solutions. With a professional team and exceptional technology, we are dedicated to assisting customers in addressing the ever-evolving challenges of network security. As an authorized distributor of leading global cloud security products, we specialize in network information security protection, optimizing enterprise networks, building network security, and facilitating rapid cloud adoption. Our mission is to protect our customers' digital assets and ensure the stability and security of their business operations. For more information, please visit our official website: https://www.omnibvi.com/ and follow us on LinkedIn.


 About Cloudflare: 

Cloudflare is a global cloud platform that offers a range of network services to businesses of all sizes worldwide. These services enhance the security of their network environments while also improving the performance and reliability of their critical applications or network assets. As of now, it handles approximately 25% of the world's internet traffic and boasts industry-leading global network speed and exceptional protection capabilities. As of September 2023, it has more than 300 nodes distributed across over 100 countries/regions, over 12,500 network direct connects, including major ISPs, public clouds, and large enterprises, and a global network capacity of 209Tbps, which continues to grow. For more information, please visitwww.cloudflare.com/