In recent years, a common trend has emerged in the conversations between Cloudflare and its customers, where enterprise clients are gradually losing control over their digital environments. They express concerns that adopting new functionalities might impact interoperability, and even simple changes can consume time, effort, and resources. These apprehensions are challenges faced by many organizations.


The reasons for losing control are summarized, including the breadth of the technical landscape, isolation of IT and security teams, makeshift solutions, and complex dependencies. The pace of change in IT and security is accelerating, leading to daunting complexities, ranging from team and infrastructure dispersion to connecting multi-cloud environments and various SaaS applications. The technical landscape overseen by IT and security teams is broader than ever before, presenting greater challenges.


The Global Connected Cloud introduces a new approach to address these challenges!

It is a unified, intelligent cloud platform that offers programmable cloud-native services, facilitating arbitrary connections between networks, cloud environments, applications, and users.


Key principles of the Global Connected Cloud:

  • Deep Integration: The platform provides a secure, efficient, and scalable way to connect various elements rapidly and simply, without concerns about risks or uncertainties.
  • Programmability: The architecture of the Global Connected Cloud can be customized based on diverse requirements of each enterprise, ensuring consistent user experiences and efficient management.
  • Platform Intelligence: In-built extensive services automatically analyze traffic and update information models, enhancing efficiency and security.
  • Simplicity: More IT environments can be managed from a single dashboard, significantly reducing tool sprawl and overloaded dashboards.



Cloudflare's Global Connected Cloud possesses four major features, making it the world's first Global Connected Cloud.


Conrad Electric uses it to provide secure remote access; Carrefour relies on it to support secure application delivery amid increasing security threats, and Canva utilizes it to drive innovative development. These cases highlight the programmability, network integration, threat intelligence, and simplicity of the Global Connected Cloud, showcasing how customers address various IT and security challenges.


In summary, Cloudflare's Global Connected Cloud is an integrated, programmable, intelligent platform designed to help enterprises connect and protect their digital environments. It aims to restore control over existing services and facilitate the addition of new services.


Listening to customer needs is the inspiration for Cloudflare's product innovation, making things simpler, faster, and more secure. Omni Intelligent Services is the sole designated ASDP (Authorized Services Delivery Partner) professional technical partner for Cloudflare in Taiwan. 


We uphold consistent beliefs and commitments, dedicated to assisting clients in enhancing security and reducing network complexity on the internet. We strive to be strong support behind our clients.


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